George Gascón: A Political Chameleon

George Gascón panders to progressive audiences by claiming to support efforts to defund the police and moral opposition to the death penalty.  The truth is Gascón’s positioning on the death penalty depends on his audience.

During an interview with the ADDA, Gascón was specifically asked if he would change the LADA policy on the death penalty if elected.  Gascon stated he would evaluate each case on its own merits, but did not think it was probable he would employ the death penalty because he was concerned about the practical implications of seeking death. However, he equivocated on a complete ban on its use.

Only nine months later, to a progressive forum, he stated he was morally and practically against the death penalty. No equivocation.  Once again, Gascón’s political opportunism has shown through. Each audience gets its own message.

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