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ADDA Lawsuits

ADDA vs. Gascon 1

Press Release: Prosecutors File Lawsuit To Stop District Attorney From Breaking The Law

ADDA Statement on Court’s Decision on District Attorney’s Special Orders

ADDA Writ/Complaint

Civil Case Addendum/Cover Sheet

Civil Case Cover Sheet

Case Exhibits

Case Summons

Draft Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) And An Order To Show Cause

Proposed/Temporary Restraining Order And Order To Show Cause

Table Of Exhibits In Support Of Petitioner’s Ex Parte Application For Temporary Restraining Order And Order To Show Cause

Exhibit 1 – Letter to District Attorney

California District Attorneys Association Expressing Grave Concerns With LA DA’s Policy Directives

California District Attorneys Association Press Release Regarding Amicus Brief

ADDA Letter to the California District Attorneys Association

Request for Judicial Notice

Proof of Service of Summons

Petitioner’s Reply iso OSC re Preliminary Injunction and Supp Decs of EGeorge and MHanisee

Proposed Order on Petitioner’s Evidentiary Objections

Petitioner’s Evidentiary Objections iso Preliminary Injunction

California District Attorneys Association Amicus in Support of ADDA

Preliminary Injunction Granted against LA DA, in ruling for ADDA

Los Angeles County District Attorney SD 21-01 Revised Policies Pursuant to Preliminary Injunction

Rehan Nazier, Petitioner V. The Superior Court Of Los Angeles County

August 16, 2021 ADDA Brief on Appeal

August 16, 2021 ADDA Appellants Appendix – Volume 1

August 16, 2021 ADDA Appellants Appendix – Volume 2

Criminal Justice Legal Foundation Amicus Brief

2022-01-03-FILED-Respondent’s Answer to Amicus Curiae Briefs

B310845_OPF_Association of Deputy District Attorneys

2022-07-13 Filed Petition for Review by Gascon and LADA

2022 08 11 Amicus Letter from ACLU

2022 08 12 Amicus letter from Fair and Just Prosecution

Answer Brief on the Merits FINAL FILE STAMPED

2023-04-20-Filed Prof_s Local Gov_s Appl to File Brief of Amici Curiae & Prop Brief of Amici Curiae ISO of Pets__2224092v1

2023-04-21-Filed CDAA Proposed Brief of Amicus Curiae_2225466v1

2023-04-24-Filed 68 Current_Former Elected Pros & Atty Gen_l Amici Curiae Brief ISO Petitioners_2227292v1

2023-04-24-Filed 68 Current_Former Elected Pros & Atty Gen_l Updated Amici Curiae Brief ISO Petitioners_2227999v1

2023-04-24-Filed ACLU Application and Proposed Amicus Brief ISO Appellants_2227355v1

2023-04-24-Filed Atty Gen_l Amicus Brief_2227365v1

2023-04-24-Filed CJLF_s Amicus Curiae Brief ISO Respondent_2226471v1

2023-04-24-Filed Crime Survivors, Justice for Murdered Children & B. Jones Appl to File Amicus Curiae Brief and Amicus Curiae Brief_2227510v1

2023-04-24-Filed Law Prof P. Cassell, M. Garvin & J. Yoo_s Appl to File Brief & Amicus Curiae Brief ISO Respondents_2228246v1

ADDA vs. Gascon 2

Lawsuit seeking injunction filed against Los Angeles District Attorney

20211011 Ps & As in Support of Ex Parte Application for TRO

20211011 Ps & As in Support of Ex Parte Application for TRO bookmarked_conformed

20211011 Verified Petition for Writ

20211013 Proposed OSC and TRO

20211014 Ex Parte Application with attachments

20211014 Notice of Change of Department for Ex Parte Hearing

20211019 Supplemental Points and Authorities in Support of Order to Show Cause Why Preliminary Injunction Should Not Issue; Declarations of Z. Greg Kahwajian, Stephen L. Cooley and Scott Dominguez in Support Thereof

GASCON Opposition to Motion for Preliminary Injunction


DECLARATION OF S. Williams ISO Gascon Opp


DECLARATION of Rodney Collins ISO Gascon Opp


20211102 Jacquelyn Lacey Declaration fully executed

20211102 Michele Hanisee Declaration with Exhibits_bookmarked

20211103 Elizabeth Gibbons Decl with Exhibits_bookmarked

20211103 Eric Siddall Decl_fully executed

20211103 Maria Ghobadi Declaration_fully executed

20211103 Petitioner’s Objs to C Hoetger Declaration_fully executed

20211103 Petitioner’s Objs to R Collins Declaration_fully executed

20211103 Petitioner’s Objs to S Yen Declaration_fully executed

20211103 Petitioner’s Reply Brief_fully executed_bookmarked

20211103 Revised Proposed Preliminary Injunction_fully executed

20211103 Steve Cooley Declaration_fully executed

2021-11-16 Filed – Respondent’s Answering Brief

2021-12-13 Court Order deadline for amicus B310845_OGM_Gascon et al

2021-12-13 Amicus Brief DAs & AGs (B31085)

2021-12-13 Amicus ACLU

2021-12-09 Moon amicus EMERGENCY APPLICATION 12-18-2021

2021-12-17-FILED-Application to File Amicus LA County Public Defender

2021-12-20 Court Order B310845_OGM_Gascon

2021-12-20-FILED-CDAA Amicus Brief

2021-12-20-FILED-CDAA Application to File Amicus Brief

2021-12-22-FILED-Order re CDAA Amicus Brief

20211221 DAO Decl of Justin Sanders ISO Motion to Stay

20211221 DAO Notice of Motion and Motion to Stay

20211221 DAO Proposed Order Staying All Proceedings and Discovery

20211221 DAO Req for Judicial Notice ISO Motion to Stay

20220103 Opposition to Motion to Stay Proceedings

Prosecutors Maria Ramirez and Victor Rodriguez vs. George Gascon