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About the ADDA

The Association of Deputy District Attorneys (ADDA) is the professional association for the deputy district attorneys (DDAs) of Los Angeles County.  We negotiated our first contract in 2010 and are committed to improving the working lives of our members through representation and negotiation with the County.

We strive to advance a work environment that allows our members to focus on their role as the primary guardians of justice in the courts.  The gains we have made took tremendous time and energy.  We are now in a position to build upon our hard-won accomplishments and continue to achieve real progress in wages, benefits, and working conditions for the nearly 1,000 DDAs who we represent.

We Work for the People

Los Angeles County is home to over 10 million residents, many of whom become victims of crime — while out on the street, or in a car, or at home.  Working with law enforcement, our members handle thousands of cases for filing consideration and prosecution in court.

Representing the People of the State of California, our goal is to seek justice.  Justice for victims.  Justice for the innocent.  Justice for the guilty.  Justice for all.


All represented DDAs (Grades I-IV) can enjoy full-fledged membership with voting rights.  To join, please click the button below to complete our secure online membership application.

Our Staff and Vendors

Ms. Bartlett worked as an executive in operational management for a Fortune 250, global firm prior to serving as our General Manager. She oversees all operations of ADDA, including acting as primary representative with County divisions, ADDA’s voting principal of CCU, budgeting and financial reporting, member communication, contract negotiations, vendor agreements, and board meeting logistics.

Mr. Shinee co-founded Green & Shinee, APC and specializes in union side public sector labor relations. He has over 40 years of experience in contract maintenance, civil service proceedings, and has practiced before LA County Employee Relations Commission (ERCOM), and LA city’s Employees Relations Board (ERB). Mr. Shinee has represented literally thousands of union members. He has been representing ADDA since 2010, and was responsible for establishing the ADDA as a stand-alone bargaining unit.

Ms. Gibbons has provided legal representation for ALADS union members as well as other Los Angeles County peace officer and District Attorney employees for over 30 years. Ms. Gibbons was most recently the lead attorney in one of the largest legal cases in ADDA’s history, the Administrative Payroll Underpayment (Los Angeles Superior Court case no. 22STCP04105), which has resulted in an award of statutory interest to those DDA’s impacted by this underpayment.   

Ms. O’Brien spent her career in LA County Human Resources, retiring as a director and member of DHS’ Compliance Committee. ADDA now leverages her deep knowledge of DHR’s operations and tactics to defend our members and strengthen our strategies when negotiating with the County. Ms. O’Brien has been advising ADDA for almost 10 years, and continues to provide valuable insight and connections with the County.

Mr. Brankovic is a founding partner of Ricochet Systems, the premiere union membership software program management system in the U.S. ADDA was an early adopter of Ricochet Systems, a highly secure application connected directly to LA County’s Human Resources employee data. Mr. Brankovic has provided IT and technical support to ADDA since its inception in 2010, and continues to serve our staff and board with prompt and dedicated support.

Mr. Bunte is an advertising and publishing professional with more than 35 years of experience, and focuses on online branding and marketing. He has been ADDA’s web master since our first site was launched in 2015, and continues to manage our domain, it’s algorithmic credibility and visibility, and provides hosting services for our site, as well as troubleshooting email deliverability and authentication for He also provides social media account support for ADDA. In this ever-evolving digital world, Mr. Bunte ensures our union’s online presence is visible, accessible, and safe.

EKA is a strategic communications firm specializing in government affairs, political campaigns, association management, crisis communication, and litigation support. EKA advises ADDA on public relations and media coordination for timely and effective communication, and has been instrumental to building public awareness of our biggest challenges with the current administration. EKA is also responsible for managing ADDA’s Monday Morning Memos, a weekly email that provides local and national news pertinent to public safety to over 4,000 people across the U.S.