A Bully’s Bill of Rights

By Eric Siddall Bullying, sexual assaults, and gun violence are recognized problems in our schools. Not according to Assemblywoman Shirley Weber who introduced AB 163. This latest piece of legislation, initially proposed by the ACLU in a 2016 report, seeks to protect suspects of these crimes and prohibit police from investigating or arresting the perpetrators […]

Death Penalty Opponents Still Trying to Keep Convicted Murderers Alive

By Michele Hanisee California voters in November approved sweeping reforms to preserve and fix the state’s broken death penalty system by passing Proposition 66 and rejecting a proposition that would have ended the death penalty in California. However, within hours of passage, death penalty opponents filed a lawsuit to challenge the initiative, seeking to have […]

Prop. 66 lawsuit is an insult to California voters

By Michele Hanisee So much for respecting the will of the voters. The moment the final ballot count proved that voters had enacted Prop. 66 – the death penalty reform initiative – opponents rushed to court to block the initiative. Although the legal challenge is limited to just a few clauses of Prop. 66, the […]

A Cautionary Tale from the East Coast

By Michele Hanisee As California suffers from a rising property crime rate thanks to Prop 47, prepares for a flood of felons getting an early release from state prison thanks to Prop 57, and contemplates refusing to jail accused criminals before trial, a cautionary tale has emerged from Washington, DC. A four part series in […]