Gun Enhancements Should Not Be Rolled Back Because Victims Are Lucky Enough to Survive

By Michele Hanisee Last month, the ADDA exposed how a key witness told outright lies to a state Senate committee while advocating for SB 620, which would eliminate mandatory enhancements for gun crimes. The ADDA showed that the story told about the young criminal whose case supposedly spotlighted the unfairness of enhancements was untrue. So […]

New Approach to Sex Offenders Registry Deserves Support

By Michele Hanisee California’s current sexual offender registration law is woefully inflexible. A person who engages in a minor offense is treated the same as the worst offender. Most sex crimes in California require lifetime registration regardless of the nature of the crime, age of offender, or risk of re-offending. California is one of the […]

Prop. 57: Criminals Far and Wide Love It

By Michele Hanisee The ADDA and prosecutors throughout California have grown hoarse warning about the public safety disaster known as Prop. 57. But even we didn’t envision that it would actually incentivize crime by luring criminals here from other states. Yet that’s exactly what appears to be happening. As Torrance police arrested two suspects from […]

Criminals and Gun Use

By Eric Siddall What should not be lost in the wake of our article exposing the lies used to manipulate the elimination of mandatory sentences for gun crimes is the cavalier dismissal of victims of gun crime. As the ADDA detailed in our press release, legislation is moving through Sacramento at record speed which seeks […]

Outright Lies Grease Passage of Bill That Eliminates Mandatory Gun Enhancements

By Michele Hanisee & Eric Siddall Regardless of how you feel about the legislation, we are disturbed, and every legislator should be disturbed, that a witness called to testify in support of Senate Bill 620 told multiple lies to the California Senate. Kim McGill of the Youth Justice Coalition sat next to the bill author, […]