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Prop 57 Debate with Director Nathan Bartos

The ADDA is a leader in the fight against Prop 57



Proposition 57 began its life as an initiative regarding juvenile justice.  Signatures were collected based on that designation.  Then the text of the proposition was changed to include reduction of adult sentences.   This alteration even resulted in a lawsuit filed by the CDAA.  As such, Proposition 57 blindsided many law enforcement groups and the public as a whole.

The Los Angeles County Association of Deputy District Attorneys has been at the forefront of this battle and were one of the first to sound the alarm.  We have worked tirelessly with the No On 57 campaign.

Below are a list of our blog posts regarding Prop 57.

Our efforts have been noticed by the press.

San Francisco Chronicle

California Political Review

San Francisco Chronicle

In addition to our many blogs, releases, and press conferences, we have also donated $85,000 to the No on 57 campaign, being one of the largest contributors.  We do not take the spending of our members dues lightly, but this issue effects every single DDA, and frankly, every citizen of California.

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