Reed and DeMaio Continue Assault on Public Employees

Despite a lack of public support, Chuck Reed and Carl DeMaio are persisting in their attempts to destroy public pension systems throughout the state of California. The State Attorney General just released Title and Summaries on their two latest pension-assault initiatives, although Reed and DeMaio they have said they will only circulate one. This will […]

The Public and Private Deception of Prop 47

By Marc Debbaudt As supporters of Prop 47 furiously try to convince the public of their very dubious claim that the initiative has resulted in monetary savings, Californians have suffered a myriad of other real costs as a result of this measure. Prop 47 certainly does not create any clear benefits to society, but only to […]

Crime lab closure impacts public safety

By Marc Debbaudt I have written extensively on the impacts on public safety from Proposition 47. I am concerned that those impacts are about to be exacerbated by the Los Angeles Police Department’s plan to shut down its Valley narcotics testing lab and shrink its staff of professional analysts. The abrupt and quite closure of […]

California’s Proposition 47 – The LA Times Cost Savings Myth

By Marc Debbaudt Savings, what savings? That was the first thought that came to mind upon reading the recent Los Angeles Times editorial musing about the “savings” that supposedly will follow on the heels of Prop 47 and how these “savings” should be spent. The Times editorial perfectly captured the naiveté of the Editorial writers, […]

Join Public Safety Leaders & Victims to Fix the Death Penalty

By Michele Hanisee Voters support reform of California’s death penalty. It has become ineffective because of waste, delays, and inefficiencies.  Fixing it will save California taxpayers millions of dollars every year, assure due process protections for those sentenced to death and promote justice for murder victims and their families. Death row inmates have murdered over 1000 […]