Board Meeting 10/21/14

In this update I will rundown the decisions made at the recent Board meeting as well as discuss some controversies that have arisen between myself and AFSCME in the last month. This update is somewhat long, but there is much information you may find interesting. This is, by way of full disclosure, all my perspective […]

August 2014

First, please attend tonight’s Board of Supervisors Candidates Forum (Tuesday 8/26/14). We will be serving free beer AND making a decision about one of the Supervisor’s candidates that could very well make a huge difference to wages and working conditions of all DDAs. Second, start planning to attend the Awards Dinner in October! Tentatively I […]

July 2014

On 7/15/14 the ADDA Board of Directors convened at a regularly scheduled meeting. Please note that at the end of this update I will provide in detail the resolutions which the Board passed concerning the issue of “Withdrawal” or “Disaffiliation” from AFSCME. The following update concerns general matters discussed at the regularly scheduled Board meeting. […]

June 2014

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board occurred on Tuesday, 6/17/14, and went from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. We now have a new post office box: Post Office Box 26598, Los Angeles CA 90026. Please address all correspondence to this address. Pursuant to our affiliation agreement with AFSCME and at their expense, AFSCME has […]

May 2014

On 5/20/14 your Board of Directors met at our regularly scheduled meeting. I am relatively confident we will soon have scrolls to give to the DDAs of the Month thanks to the efforts of former Director Karen Tandler and we will try to get those to all the DDAs who have patiently been awaiting them […]