Gun Enhancements Should Not Be Rolled Back Because Victims Are Lucky Enough to Survive

By Michele Hanisee   Last month, the ADDA exposed how a key witness told outright lies to a state Senate committee while advocating for SB 620, which would eliminate mandatory enhancements for gun crimes. The ADDA showed that the story told about the young criminal whose case supposedly spotlighted the unfairness of enhancements was untrue. […]

New Approach to Sex Offenders Registry Deserves Support

By Michele Hanisee   California’s current sexual offender registration law is woefully inflexible. A person who engages in a minor offense is treated the same as the worst offender. Most sex crimes in California require lifetime registration regardless of the nature of the crime, age of offender, or risk of re-offending.  California is one of […]

Prop. 57: criminals far and wide love it

By Michele Hanisee   The ADDA and prosecutors throughout California have grown hoarse warning about the public safety disaster known as Prop. 57. But even we didn’t envision that it would actually incentivize crime by luring criminals here from other states. Yet that’s exactly what appears to be happening. As Torrance police arrested two suspects […]

Criminals and Gun Use

By Eric Siddall What should not be lost in the wake of our article exposing the lies used to manipulate the elimination of mandatory sentences for gun crimes is the cavalier dismissal of victims of gun crime. As the ADDA detailed in our press release, legislation is moving through Sacramento at record speed which seeks […]

Outright Lies Grease Passage of Bill That Eliminates Mandatory Gun Enhancements

By Michele Hanisee & Eric Siddall Regardless of how you feel about the legislation, we are disturbed, and every legislator should be disturbed, that a witness called to testify in support of Senate Bill 620 told multiple lies to the California Senate.  Kim McGill of the Youth Justice Coalition sat next to the bill author, […]

A Small Victory for Justice

By Michele Hanisee   A judge has dismissed one of the lawsuits aimed at thwarting the will of voters who last fall passed Prop. 66, the sweeping death penalty reform initiative. The lawsuit filed by the ACLU of Northern California aimed to delay the resumption of executions by challenging the state’s process for establishing execution […]

Note the Missing Word……Victims

By Eric Siddall   As crime rates rise and victims continue to be marginalized by some state legislators, the Los Angeles Times again provided a “criminal justice reform” advocate with a platform to expound on how the system is too harsh.  This time it was Fordham law professor John Pfaff, who blamed budgetary incentives and the […]

We Told You So

By Michele Hanisee The truths we told about which inmates Prop. 57 would allow to be released years early is now slowly but surely being substantiated.  The latest and unlikely source: the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), sex offenders and their advocates. Gov. Jerry Brown and the supporters of his inmate-freeing ballot initiative […]

AB 359: A Quietly Lurking Threat to Prosecutors Throughout California

By Michele Hanisee Some threats to public safety are obvious, such as Prop. 47 and Prop. 57. They were high-profile initiatives that received plenty of public attention and debate. Other efforts to change the criminal justice system appear to be well meaning, but contain consequences that reveal both a misunderstanding of how the system operates […]

Cop Killer to be Released

By Michele Hanisee Despite objections from countless law enforcement organizations, Voltaire Williams who is serving a life sentence for his critical role in the 1985 assassination of LAPD Detective Thomas Williams (no relation) was granted parole on May 2nd, by a three-person panel from the Board of Parole Hearings. Voltaire Williams, who has spent the last 32 years in prison […]

Inmates Treasured, Victims Shunned by Two California State Agencies

By Michele Hanisee If there are two agencies agency full of bureaucrats in California who cannot do enough for prison inmates while tromping on crime victims, it is those who work at the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) and those who make policy at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). The OAL is […]

A Rush to Judgment Poses a Public Safety Threat

By Eric Siddall If you need any further proof that state legislators do not value public safety, consider Senate Bill 10 (SB 10)  and Assembly Bill 41 (AB 41) which will change our current bail system. Make no mistake, there is a problem with our current bail system. There is no question that it is […]

Common Sense Criminal Justice Reform Legislation

By Scott Dominguez A series of three bills affecting the criminal justice system sponsored by our fellow prosecutors in the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office have been introduced in the Legislature and deserve passage. Senate Bill 194 allows the initial term of probation to be extended to beyond the initial maximum term following a […]

A “Spring Cleaning” of Our State Prisons

By Eric Siddall In January, we sent a Public Records Act (PRA) request to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR ) requesting: All emails, correspondence, or texts between the governor’s office and parole board members, staff, and attorneys regarding the implementation of Proposition 57, including discussion of any rules and regulations proposed from […]

Sensible and Needed Reforms to AB 109 and Prop 57

By Eric Siddall Assemblyman Ian Calderon has proposed a sensible reform to fix some of the problems of AB109 and Proposition 57. This legislation came about when it was clear that the gang member who murdered Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer was given repeated 10 day “flash incarcerations” for each of his five separate parole […]

What Is the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Hiding?

By Michele Hanisee   Trust us, they said. We know what’s good for you and the state of California. That was the message hawked by Gov. Jerry Brown and the state Legislature when they pushed and passed a variety of initiatives that gutted the criminal justice system. They did so by weakening parole (AB 109), […]

Statute of Limitations Must Govern State Bar Actions

By Michele Hanisee Last week’s decision by the California State Bar to file disciplinary charges against former Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich based on conduct that occurred 31 years ago, should cause unease to every attorney in the state. This action of the State Bar, which acts as the administrative arm of the California […]

The LA County “Most Wanted List” and AB 109

By Michele Hanisee   Controversy swirls around AB 109, with the recent murder of Whittier Officer Keith Boyer by a parolee whose multiple parole violations resulted in nothing more than 10-day “flash incarcerations” being the most recent and tragic example of AB 109’s failures.  No definitive study has been done on the fallout from AB […]

The Criminal Justice Shell Game

By Eric Siddall   When criminal justice experiments are not supported by structural reform, the result is more senseless murders, like Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer. It is time for the state to stop its cheap attempts at fixes to the criminal justice system, and implement meaningful reform. AB 109, Prop 47, and Prop 57 […]

Parole board once again wants to free a dangerous criminal

By Eric Siddall The state parole board continues to demonstrate that it cannot be trusted with the public’s safety. We are especially concerned because this non-elected body now has unfettered power to release felons thanks to Prop 57. Last week, parole recommended that Charles Manson follower Bruce Davis be granted freedom. While Davis is not […]

Why Local Law Enforcement Should Not Be Immigration Agents

By Eric Siddall   A prosecutor’s job is to seek justice for all people who are victims of crime, whatever their legal status in this country. To accomplish this goal, there needs to be cooperation from victims and witnesses, willing to both initially tell the police what they observed and then willing to testify in […]

A Bully’s Bill of rights

By Eric Siddall     Bullying, sexual assaults, and gun violence are recognized problems in our schools. Not according to Assemblywoman Shirley Weber who introduced AB 163. This latest piece of legislation, initially proposed by the ACLU in a 2016 report, seeks to protect suspects of these crimes and prohibit police from investigating or arresting […]

Death Penalty Opponents Still Trying to Keep Convicted Murderers Alive

By Michele Hanisee    California voters in November approved sweeping reforms to preserve and fix the state’s broken death penalty system by passing Proposition 66 and rejecting a proposition that would have ended the death penalty in California. However, within hours of passage, death penalty opponents filed a lawsuit to challenge the initiative, seeking to […]

Prop. 66 lawsuit is an insult to California voters

By Michele Hanisee    So much for respecting the will of the voters. The moment the final ballot count proved that voters had enacted Prop. 66 – the death penalty reform initiative – opponents rushed to court to block the initiative.  Although the legal challenge is limited to just a few clauses of Prop. 66, […]

A Cautionary Tale from the East Coast

By Michele Hanisee    As California suffers from a rising property crime rate thanks to Prop 47, prepares for a flood of felons getting an early release from state prison thanks to Prop 57, and contemplates refusing to jail accused criminals before trial, a cautionary tale has emerged from Washington, DC.  A four part series […]

Recent Increase in Hate Crimes Won’t Be Stopped by Prop 57

By Eric Siddall   Recent news reports confirm an increase in hate crimes. As highlighted by KFI reporter Eric Leonard, elected officials, including District Attorney Jackie Lacey, recently participated in a press conference to encourage reporting of hate crimes. They also acknowledged that the punishment is now limited by Proposition 57. The number of reported […]

Prop 47-The Ill-Considered Initiative That Keeps on Failing

By Michele Hanisee  In December 2015, Los Angeles County Supervisors asked their various departments for updates on cost savings from Prop. 47.  After all, Prop 47 supporters promised hundreds of millions of dollars a year if it passed. Surely the biggest county in the state with 25% of the total population would have reaped the […]

Proposal to free cop killer underscores threat of Prop. 57

By Eric Siddall The state parole board has again demonstrated the folly of Governor Brown’s radical experiment with public safety– Proposition 57. Under this initiative, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) would have the ultimate power to release inmates. The sentencing decisions by judges would be disregarded. The legislature’s assign punishment ignored. The plea […]

Costly Lies Funded by Facebook

By Eric Siddall As the public learns inmates convicted of violent crimes will receive consideration for early parole, and all inmates not serving a life without parole or death sentence will be in line for earlier release via newly invented sentence credits, the backers of Prop 57 appear a bit worried. Thus, the news that Mark […]

Governor Brown’s Statement in Support of Prop 57 Provide More Reasons to Vote “No!”

By Eric Siddall Governor Brown is quoted in today’s Los Angeles Times, providing his reasons why voters should support Prop 57, the early release of felons initiative.  Every one of his statements lacks both merit and a basic understanding of the criminal justice system. First, the governor claims that his act would restore “deliberative thought” […]

Rapists, Human Traffickers & Other Violent Criminals to Be Set Free If Prop 57 Passes

By Eric Siddall As the Sacramento Bee pointed out, “The term ‘nonviolent felony offense’ comes from the language of the governor’s sentencing measure itself. If the measure is approved by voters, it remains to be seen how ‘nonviolent felony’ will be defined.” Governor Brown is spending millions of dollars on false radio adspromoting Prop 57, […]

Proposition 57 Will Hit Minority Communities the Hardest

By Eric Siddall We have an incarceration problem in this country. Minority communities bear the brunt of this harsh reality. We need to acknowledge this fact and discuss a smarter, nimbler, and more humane approach to this challenge. But we also have another problem. Far too many people of color are victims of crime, a […]

Law Enforcement Murders Expose the Bankruptcy of “Criminal Justice Reform”

By Eric Siddall The recent murder of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sergeant Steve Owens, Palm Springs Police Officers Jose Vega and Lesley Zerebny by career criminals is a bitter tragedy for their families, and a great loss for all of law enforcement and the communities they bravely served. In the Palm Springs murders, the suspect […]

Prop 47 Fallout Continues: Once Again CA Suffers a Rise in Property Crime Rate as Nation Sees a Decline

  By Michele Hanisee Just released FBI statistics for 2015 document that as in 2014, following the passage of Prop 47, California suffered a significant rise in the property crime rate.  By contrast, the rest of the nation saw the property crime rate fall in both 2014 and 2015. Thanks to Prop 47, California continues […]

False statements might be Prop 57’s winning formula

By Michele Hanisee Early polling shows Gov. Jerry Brown’s dangerous felon-freeing initiative is being supported by state voters, according to a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll. The falsehoods the Governor continually repeats-that his initiative only applies to “non-violent” felons-has crowded out the truth. Two-thirds of the people surveyed said they agreed with Proposition 57’s […]

New polling data should alarm responsible gun owners

By Michele Hanisee Law-abiding gun owners in California have cause to be gravely concerned these days. With the November election just seven weeks away, a new California Counts poll indicates state voters overwhelmingly support Proposition 63, the misleading anti-gun ballot measure that Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is pushing. The so-called “Safety for All Act” would, […]

Prop 57 – A “Criminal’s Bill of Rights”

By Eric Siddall Governor Brown’s Proposition 57 is a “Criminal’s Bill of Rights.” It grants convicted felons a constitutional right to get released after completing only a minimal part of their sentence. In some cases this number can go as low as two percent of their original sentence. This new “Criminal’s Bill of Rights” trumps […]

Michele Hanisee: A yes vote on Prop. 66 is a vote for justice By Michele Hanisee, Guest commentary This is in response to your editorial (Sept. 9, Herald) urging a no vote on Proposition 66. Those in support of abolishing the death penalty point to the possibility of an innocent person being executed. In California this couldn’t be further from the truth. Those who commit a capital […]

Governor Brown, Time to Debate Prop 57

By Michele Hanisee Governor Brown recently visited the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board to sell Prop 57, telling them “I could talk about this all day.” What Governor Brown needs to do is talk about this initiative in a debate setting, where his statements about the scope and application of the initiative can be discussed with an […]

Jerry Brown, Line 1 — It’s Your Flawed Initiative Calling

As the story about a voicemail message left by Governor Jerry Brown scolding Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims for her opposition to Proposition 57 goes viral, what is disturbing is the voicemail reveals the Governor’s lack of understanding of his own initiative.  As both theADDA and ALADS have repeatedly written, and the Governor’s spokesperson has admitted, Proposition 57 will allow […]

Does the current bail system penalize the poor?

By Michele Hanisee The Obama Administration has again challenged the bail system, asserting in an amicus brief in a Georgia case that fixed bail schedules, which don’t account for the ability to pay, are unconstitutional. This position was most recently asserted in an amicus brief filing in a case in Georgia.  As we noted in […]

Grim Sleeper killer is a perfect example of why we need to pass Prop. 66

By Eric Siddall  Each and every one of the 746 people on California’s death row are prime examples of the importance of preserving the death penalty for the state’s most brutal killers. Serial killer Lonnie David Franklin, Jr., is as deserving as any. Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy sentenced Franklin, better known as the “Grim Sleeper” […]

Proposition 57 Unmasked: A Detailed Analysis of the Misleading Initiative

By Michele Hanisee Proposition 57 is a many headed monster that will wreak havoc on public safety. It allows the early release of inmates serving time in state prison for violent and non-violent offenses through parole grants or accelerated sentence credits. In addition, it changes the juvenile system by disallowing prosecutors to directly charge juveniles who commit murder, […]

Recent news provides additional reasons for defeat of Governor’s early release initiative

By Eric Siddall  Two events this past week sharpened the focus on why Proposition 57, Governor Brown’s initiative to release early tens of thousands of state inmates, is a dangerous experiment that should be rejected by voters. The first was news that crime is continuing to rise in Los Angeles County and the City of Los […]

State Legislature again moving to tilt playing field in favor of criminals

By Eric Siddall  The latest assault on the criminal justice system is a little gem called AB 1909. This piece of legislation would make it a felony punishable by up to three years in prison for any prosecuting attorney to withhold or falsify evidence. Nothing wrong with that, right? Wrong. Why? Because the bill targets […]

Gov. Brown rightly rejects parole for Manson family murderer

By Michele Hanisee The ADDA commends Gov. Jerry Brown for denying parole to brutal murderer Leslie Van Houten. Brown on Friday rejected the state parole board’s recommendation to grant parole to the Manson family member. Van Houten originally was  sentenced to death for holding down Rosemary LaBianca on Aug. 10, 1969 so fellow Manson-follower Tex Watson could skewer […]

Competing death penalty initiatives could spur confusion Prop. 66 will preserve and reform the death penalty system

By Michele Hanisee This November, California voters will be presented with two of the most important ballot initiatives in state history. One – Proposition 66 – would preserve the death penalty for the most heinous criminals by enacting critically needed reforms to the system. The other – Proposition 62 – would scrap the death penalty, […]

California’s Legislature blazes new path in deterring dangerous activities

By Michele Hanisee The California Legislature has come up with a brilliant way to keep our youth from using a dangerous product that kills tens of thousands of Americans every year, and leads to billions in medical costs. Make the product legal to possess and use! Wait, what? Several months ago the California Legislature passed, and Governor […]

Those Who Care About Victims of Sex Crimes Should Oppose Gov. Brown’s Initiative

By Michele Hanisee The Senate Public Safety Committee recently passed AB 2888 in response to the outrage in California and across the country over the probation sentence given to Stanford swimmer Brock Turner for his sexual assault of an unconscious woman. AB 2888 would make prison mandatory for anyone convicted of eight specific sexual assault crimes, with most of […]

Prisoner, Prisons and Jails-A Reality Check Which Includes A Discussion About Victims

By Michele Hanisee Several pieces in the Los Angeles Times regarding prisoners, mental health, and TV shows portraying same caught my eye, and frankly, require a response.  It is clear that a false narrative is developing of state prisons packed with non-violent offenders.  Baloney. It’s important that any discussion be guided by facts, not anecdotes or singular cases. First, […]

California State Senate votes to reward repeat drug dealers

By Michele Hanisee The California State Senate voted to reward repeat drug dealers byrepealing a three-year enhancement imposed for a subsequent conviction for selling drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and PCP. Senate Bill 966 was introduced by State Senator Holly Mitchell, and in its original version would have repealed the enhancement in its entirety.  The original […]

ADDA encourages members to get involved and help the community

By Michele Hanisee One of the great things about being a Deputy District Attorney is the countless opportunities we have to get involved with charitable organizations that provide terrific networking opportunities while enabling us to give back to the community. The ADDA encourages all of our members to participate in charitable organizations. Here are just a few. […]

Death penalty reform initiative passes key hurdle, but our work has just begun

By Michele Hanisee The crucial initiative to reform and preserve the death penalty for California’s most brutal criminals has cleared a significant hurdle bysecuring enough signatures to qualify for the November statewide ballot. The Californians for Death Penalty Reform and Savings campaign recently submitted 593,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s Office. Qualifying an initiative requires about […]

Shirley You Jest – Stanford Sexual Assault

By Michele Hanisee Fallout from the six-month sentence of rapist, Brock Turner, continues. This week, 16 California Legislators signed a letter to the Commission on Judicial Performance requesting disciplinary action against Judge Aaron Persky, the sentencing judge. A second letter sent to Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen demanded he appeal the sentence.  One signatory to the letters caught my […]

Stanford Sexual Assault Case Typifies California’s New Approach to Criminals

By Michele Hanisee National outrage ensued over a six-month county jail sentence imposed this past week on a former Stanford student who was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. A powerful 12-page letter by the victim describing the emotional and psychological devastation the attack inflicted upon her failed to sway the sentencing Judge, who explained he did not sentence […]

Governor’s spokesperson confirms his initiative will allow early release of violent inmates

By Eric Siddall Governor Brown’s charade is over!  His own spokesperson admitted that his initiative will allow early release of violent prison inmates. Well respected Sacramento columnist Dan Walters, following up on the excellent analysis by California District Attorney Association, got the governor’s spokesperson to admit the truth. The spokesperson “confirmed the association’s interpretation is correct.” This means inmates […]

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

By Michele Hanisee I’m not usually one to cry out for the assistance of the ACLU, defense attorneys, or “civil liberties activists” – but where are they when you need them?  Lt. Governor Newsom’s Safety for All initiative would adversely impact law abiding gun owners, but it would also strip criminals of their Constitutional Rights.  So […]

Skid Row — The Emergency That Cannot Wait

By Michele Hanisee The criminal justice system, burdened with being the de facto forum for dealing with the mentally ill population in Los Angeles County, has now becoming the forum of last resort to deal with the homeless population of which the mentally ill are a subset. For three decades the Central City East Association (CCEA) […]

Inexcusable execution delay underscores need for death penalty reform

By Michele Hanisee California houses a quarter of the nation’s death row inmates, but we last executed a brutal criminal more than a decade ago.  Since then, we have sentenced at least 167 people to death. Incredibly, that’s more people than are on death rows in all but four states, according to a recent Washington Post article. These […]

ADDA strongly opposes parole for vicious murderer Leslie Van Houten

By Michele Hanisee On Aug. 10, 1969, Leslie Van Houten held down Rosemary LaBianca so fellow Manson-follower Tex Watson could skewer her with a bayonet. Then, she took a knife and stabbed the helpless woman 14 more times in the back. Nineteen times since she participated in the infamous slaughter, Van Houten applied for parole. Nineteen times, the […]

Supreme Court decision preserves public employees’ voice

By Michele Hanisee The Supreme Court tie vote that preserved “agency shop” rules for public labor unions, kept in place a decades-old rule that allows public unions to require non-members to pay fees to help cover collective bargaining costs. Former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio abandoned efforts to […]

Cop Killer Stays In Prison – For Now

By Eric Siddall Voltaire Alphonse Williams will continue to remain in prison for the brutal murder of LAPD Detective Thomas C. Williams. The Board of Parole Hearings (BPT) listened to reason and decided Williams must remain in prison – for now. We say “for now” because a new state law that took effective January 1, […]

Gov. Brown: Longing for the 70’s

By Eric Siddall California’s constitution guarantees public safety. It expressly forbids the early release of prisoners for financial reasons. It gives victims’ rights regarding their cases. It allows prosecutors to use relevant evidence in court. These are just some of the public safety rights currently in our constitution. Why are they in our constitution?  Well, […]

The Prop 47 fallout continues — decreased arrests, plunging conviction rates, and light sentences

By Marc Debbaudt The Prop 47 fallout continues-decreased arrests, plunging conviction rates, and light sentences Can we say “no surprise?”  Not only has the crime rate in California soared since the passage of Prop 47, but other aspects of its devastating effect on public safety continue to be revealed. A recent report studying many large counties, including […]

Ballot measure on guns, ammo hinders law enforcement

By Michele Hanisee California’s law enforcement officers and prosecutors responsible for fighting criminals and terrorists need more tools to fight crime. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s new ballot initiative gives us less. Newsom is bypassing the legislative system and turning the ISIS-inspired attack in San Bernardino into his latest political scheme. His new proposal will restrict law-abiding […]

Governor Brown’s Power Grab

By Eric Siddall Governor Brown’s “early release” initiative is nothing more than a power grab on the part of the executive to take away power from judges, the legislature, and local prosecutors while centralizing power in the office of the governor. It undermines separation of powers and the authority of judges. After a conviction, judges […]

Help save the death penalty in California

Californians for Death Penalty Reform & Savings (CDPRS) has been working hard to collect enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot. However, their work is far from over. In order to keep pushing hard towards the signature turnin deadline, they NEED YOUR HELP. The campaign has a tremendous opportunity next Tuesday at 4 PM. The […]

The truth will defeat an oft-repeated lie

By Eric Siddall There is a saying that if you tell a big lie and repeat it often, people may come to believe it.  Sadly, this is the path Governor Brown took to gin up support for his early release ballot initiative. What’s the lie?  He claims his proposed initiative will only lead to the […]

Safety for All Act is a dangerous misnomer

By Michele Hanisee As prosecutors whose job is to pursue felony criminal cases, we would enthusiastically support any proposed law that promised to be a realistic tool against gun violence.  Sadly, the “Safety for All Act of 2016” is not one of those laws. Indeed, the ballot initiative would harm law-abiding gun owners while actually encouraging […]

An explosion of California property crimes – due to Prop. 47

By Marc Debbaudt Congratulations are not in order for San Francisco’s latest No. 1 ranking; the city with the highest increase in property crime rates in the United States, according to recently released FBI statistics. A Chronicle report on the “rampant looting of cars” in San Francisco shined a light on one area of this increase in […]

Failure is not an option: Support for death penalty reform is critical

By Michele Hanisee If we don’t fix California’s death penalty system this year, we will lose it. The death penalty will no longer be a sentencing option for child murderers, cop killers and others who commit the most monstrous crimes imaginable. That’s why the ADDA has joined a growing list of elected DAs, law enforcement groups, […]

Low-income communities will be devastated by felon-freeing fiasco

By Eric Siddall Gov. Jerry Brown’s woefully misguided bid to free thousands of dangerous felons from state prisons would slam low-income, minority neighborhoods that are already battered by disproportionally high crime rates. Under Brown’s dangerous initiative, felons would be eligible for parole after serving 50 percent of the sentence for their primary offense – regardless of […]

L.A. Gangs Will Love Governor’s Ballot Initiative

By Eric Siddall As we have commented in previous blogs, Governor Brown is proposing a radical experiment for public safety. He engineered a ballot initiative that will — contrary to his claims — place violent felons back on the streets. The Brown Early Release initiative is even more troubling in light of statistics released last week which […]

Felon-freeing initiative advances

By ADDA Board of Directors Gov. Jerry Brown’s bid to flood California communities with dangerous felons after they have served only a fraction of their prison sentences has inched closer to reality. The California Supreme Court on Friday authorized Brown and his allies to start gathering signatures for a November ballot initiative that would offer early release […]

A Radically Dangerous Experiment with Public Safety

By Eric Siddall Governor Brown has proposed a radical experiment with public safety.  It will mean the early release of 40,000 prisoners. It will potentially give the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) unlimited power to grant early release for the remaining 80,000 prisoners, including those who committed murder, rape, and child molestation. This constitutional […]

ADDA Urges Parole Board to Deny Freedom to Cop-Killer

By ADDA Board of Directors The Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys strongly urges the state parole board to deny freedom for a woman who was convicted of the assassination of an LAPD officer in 1988. On the night of September 3, 1988, Officer Daniel Pratt  and his partner, Officer Veronica Delao Jenkins, were undercover in […]

Wait in Line Governor

By Eric Siddall Today is Super Tuesday. Millions of Americans will patiently stand in line to vote for candidates who they have heard about, heard from, and who have been vigorously scrutinized by the media. Today is also the day that the California Supreme Court will hear how Governor Brown refused to stand in line and refused to […]

Who Are You Going To Believe, Me Or Your Lying Eyes?

By Marc Debbaudt “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” Richard Pryor in his filmed comedy performance, Live on the Sunset Strip, tells the story of his wife catching him with another woman. He denies anything is going on, and asks his wife, “Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?” […]

Your life or your privacy?

By Michele Hanisee Apple’s position of refusing to cooperate with the FBI to help it unlock the phone of terrorist Syed Farook reminds one of the old Jack Benny line “Your money or your life”, or as Apple might put it “Your privacy or your life.”  Apple would have one believe that is the seriousness […]

The Myth of the Nonviolent Drug Offender

By Eric Siddall The most repeated falsehood about the criminal justice system – that our prisons are stuffed with non-violent drug offenders – had a repeat airing in an editorial in the “newspaper of record,” the New York Times. The use of the term “nonviolent” stirs up an image of some poor individual who is locked up for […]

Where is the celebrity outrage over a baby’s murder?

By Marc Debbaudt On Tuesday evening, a lovely baby was murdered in Compton. A gunman sprayed bullets into a converted garage where Autumn Johnsonlived with her parents.  She had just turned one. When the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived, they found one of the bullets had struck Autumn in the head. Since paramedics had not yet […]

Beyoncé’s Super Bowl activism was misguided

By Marc Debbaudt Celebrities, by the very nature of the attention they attract, have built-in bully pulpits. They most often use them to shed light on honorable causes encompassing everything from disease and world hunger to animal rights and anti-bullying campaigns. At times, however, their activism is misguided. A case in point is singer Beyoncé Knowles’ […]

Three Strikes and They’re Out

By ADDA Board of Directors Unable to secure funding for paid initiative circulators and lacking public support for their measures, Chuck Reed and Carl DeMaio announced January 18, 2015, they would not seek to put either of their proposed pension initiatives on the 2016 ballot. Instead, the less than dynamic duo of ex-politicians announced a list […]

The Assault on Safety Continues: Eliminating Bail is the Latest Target

By Marc Debbaudt And now they come after bail. Those opposed to incarceration as the primary tool which ensures public safety have been on a roll the last few years.  First came “realignment,” which shifted convicted felons from state prison to local jails. Then came “split sentences,” which allowed felons to serve a portion of […]

The Assault on Safety Continues: Eliminating Bail is the Latest Target

By Marc Debbaudt And now they come after bail. Those opposed to incarceration as the primary tool which ensures public safety have been on a roll the last few years.  First came “realignment,” which shifted convicted felons from state prison to local jails. Then came “split sentences,” which allowed felons to serve a portion of […]

The “Ammo Police” is not the answer to criminal use of firearms

[By Michele Hanisee] California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed the California Safety for All Act; which will appear on the ballot in 2016.  The initiative proposes to solve the problem of criminals using guns against law abiding citizens by sharply restricting the ability of the law abiding citizens to acquire ammunition.  Cleverly named “Safety […]

Legislature should fix the Harmful Repercussions Created by Prop 47

[By Marc Debbaudt] Prop 47 has unleashed a torrent of harmful repercussions that the creators of this impetuous piece of legislation never considered – and have yet to take responsibility for or address. It is now time that the California Legislature fix some of the most glaring flaws. I have expressed my disdain for this […]

Is Prison Overcrowding Actually a Bad Thing?

[By Marc Debbaudt] While thinking about the debacle known as Prop. 47, it occurred to me to ask how we actually got into this situation. As I detailed in a recent Los Angeles Times op-ed, California’s Prop. 47 revolution: Voters were sold a bill of goods, Prop 47 is nothing but a piece of deceptive […]

New Law: Plea Bargains Must Try To Avoid Deportation

[By Marc Debbaudt] In my continuing quest to educate the public about the legislature’s new sanctuary from safety philosophy, I turn my attention to a new law that goes into effect on January 1, 2016 that creates a double standard for United States citizens and non-citizens in this country (aka “illegal aliens” or “undocumented aliens”). Governor Jerry Brown signed […]

Reed and DeMaio Continue Assault on Public Employees

Despite a lack of public support, Chuck Reed and Carl DeMaio are persisting in their attempts to destroy public pension systems throughout the state of California. The State Attorney General just released Title and Summaries on their two latest pension-assault initiatives, although Reed and DeMaio they have said they will only circulate one. This will […]

The Public and Private Deception of Prop 47

[By Marc Debbaudt] As supporters of Prop 47 furiously try to convince the public of their very dubious claim that the initiative has resulted in monetary savings, Californians have suffered a myriad of other real costs as a result of this measure. Prop 47 certainly does not create any clear benefits to society, but only to […]

California’s Proposition 47 – The LA Times Cost Savings Myth

[By Marc Debbaudt] Savings, what savings? That was the first thought that came to mind upon reading the recent Los Angeles Times editorial musing about the “savings” that supposedly will follow on the heels of Prop 47 and how these “savings” should be spent. The Times editorial perfectly captured the naiveté of the Editorial writers, […]

Join Public Safety Leaders & Victims to Fix the Death Penalty

[By Michele Hanisee] Voters support reform of California’s death penalty. It has become ineffective because of waste, delays, and inefficiencies.  Fixing it will save California taxpayers millions of dollars every year, assure due process protections for those sentenced to death and promote justice for murder victims and their families. Death row inmates have murdered over 1000 […]

Let’s Stop Behaving Like Luddites

[By Anthony Colannino] It has been said that the problem with being a hammer is that every problem begins to look like a nail. The same can be said for lawyers and laws. And like hammers, laws are blunt instruments whose destructive capacity equals or exceeds their constructive uses. These two premises are the concerns […]

Death Penalty Reforms Needed in California

[By Kermit Alexander] California’s death penalty system needs to change. The Death Penalty is not an easy topic to discuss. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a perfect world where we did not have to worry about protecting our family and loved ones from evil? However, we do! As many of our friends […]

Proliferation of drones requires swift and powerful response

[Marc Debbaudt] There’s no question that small drones serve some legitimate purposes. They can perform tasks that are dangerous for pilots of manned aircraft, such as powerline and smokestack inspections. They can film movie scenes that can’t be filmed by helicopters. And, for the average person, they can be a fun toy to play with. […]

Proposition 47 lottery: When will your crime victim number be called?

[Marc Debbaudt] This past week I engaged in a radio debate on Which Way, L.A. with San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon over the effect that Proposition 47 has had on the crime rate in California. Prop. 47, as you now know, is a law that was deliberately mistitled The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act – like putting the label “Health […]

Boycott the cop-hater Tarantino: Let him know hate speech has consequences

The message was bad enough: Police officers are murderers. But the timing and context in which film director Quentin Tarantino delivered it was perhaps even worse. Tarantino referred to police as murderers during an anti-cop march last weekend in New York City. He demonstrated an almost unimaginable level of callousness by making this statement just […]

Years of Deliberate Foot-dragging by California State Officials on Death Penalty Ends With Announcement of One Drug Protocol

[Michele Hanisee] After years of deliberate foot-dragging by state officials who refused to adopt an execution protocol to avoid the uncomfortable possibility of anyone actually being executed, Governor Brown will soon announce that California, once again, has an execution protocol.  This progress was not motivated by the fact that an initiative to end capital punishment […]