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Statute of Limitations Must Govern State Bar Actions

By Michele Hanisee Last week’s decision by the California State Bar to file disciplinary charges against former Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich based on conduct that occurred 31 years ago, should cause unease to every attorney in the state. This action of the State Bar, which acts as the administrative arm of the California […]

The LA County “Most Wanted List” and AB 109

By Michele Hanisee   Controversy swirls around AB 109, with the recent murder of Whittier Officer Keith Boyer by a parolee whose multiple parole violations resulted in nothing more than 10-day “flash incarcerations” being the most recent and tragic example of AB 109’s failures.  No definitive study has been done on the fallout from AB […]

Death Penalty Opponents Still Trying to Keep Convicted Murderers Alive

By Michele Hanisee    California voters in November approved sweeping reforms to preserve and fix the state’s broken death penalty system by passing Proposition 66 and rejecting a proposition that would have ended the death penalty in California. However, within hours of passage, death penalty opponents filed a lawsuit to challenge the initiative, seeking to […]

Prop. 66 lawsuit is an insult to California voters

By Michele Hanisee    So much for respecting the will of the voters. The moment the final ballot count proved that voters had enacted Prop. 66 – the death penalty reform initiative – opponents rushed to court to block the initiative.  Although the legal challenge is limited to just a few clauses of Prop. 66, […]

A Cautionary Tale from the East Coast

By Michele Hanisee    As California suffers from a rising property crime rate thanks to Prop 47, prepares for a flood of felons getting an early release from state prison thanks to Prop 57, and contemplates refusing to jail accused criminals before trial, a cautionary tale has emerged from Washington, DC.  A four part series […]

Prop 47 Fallout Continues: Once Again CA Suffers a Rise in Property Crime Rate as Nation Sees a Decline

  By Michele Hanisee Just released FBI statistics for 2015 document that as in 2014, following the passage of Prop 47, California suffered a significant rise in the property crime rate.  By contrast, the rest of the nation saw the property crime rate fall in both 2014 and 2015. Thanks to Prop 47, California continues […]

False statements might be Prop 57’s winning formula

By Michele Hanisee Early polling shows Gov. Jerry Brown’s dangerous felon-freeing initiative is being supported by state voters, according to a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll. The falsehoods the Governor continually repeats-that his initiative only applies to “non-violent” felons-has crowded out the truth. Two-thirds of the people surveyed said they agreed with Proposition 57’s […]

New polling data should alarm responsible gun owners

By Michele Hanisee Law-abiding gun owners in California have cause to be gravely concerned these days. With the November election just seven weeks away, a new California Counts poll indicates state voters overwhelmingly support Proposition 63, the misleading anti-gun ballot measure that Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is pushing. The so-called “Safety for All Act” would, […]