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ADDA encourages members to get involved and help the community

By Michele Hanisee One of the great things about being a Deputy District Attorney is the countless opportunities we have to get involved with charitable organizations that provide terrific networking opportunities while enabling us to give back to the community. The ADDA encourages all of our members to participate in charitable organizations. Here are just a few. […]

Death penalty reform initiative passes key hurdle, but our work has just begun

By Michele Hanisee The crucial initiative to reform and preserve the death penalty for California’s most brutal criminals has cleared a significant hurdle bysecuring enough signatures to qualify for the November statewide ballot. The Californians for Death Penalty Reform and Savings campaign recently submitted 593,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s Office. Qualifying an initiative requires about […]

Shirley You Jest – Stanford Sexual Assault

By Michele Hanisee Fallout from the six-month sentence of rapist, Brock Turner, continues. This week, 16 California Legislators signed a letter to the Commission on Judicial Performance requesting disciplinary action against Judge Aaron Persky, the sentencing judge. A second letter sent to Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen demanded he appeal the sentence.  One signatory to the letters caught my […]

Stanford Sexual Assault Case Typifies California’s New Approach to Criminals

By Michele Hanisee National outrage ensued over a six-month county jail sentence imposed this past week on a former Stanford student who was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. A powerful 12-page letter by the victim describing the emotional and psychological devastation the attack inflicted upon her failed to sway the sentencing Judge, who explained he did not sentence […]

Governor’s spokesperson confirms his initiative will allow early release of violent inmates

By Eric Siddall Governor Brown’s charade is over!  His own spokesperson admitted that his initiative will allow early release of violent prison inmates. Well respected Sacramento columnist Dan Walters, following up on the excellent analysis by California District Attorney Association, got the governor’s spokesperson to admit the truth. The spokesperson “confirmed the association’s interpretation is correct.” This means inmates […]

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

By Michele Hanisee I’m not usually one to cry out for the assistance of the ACLU, defense attorneys, or “civil liberties activists” – but where are they when you need them?  Lt. Governor Newsom’s Safety for All initiative would adversely impact law abiding gun owners, but it would also strip criminals of their Constitutional Rights.  So […]

Skid Row — The Emergency That Cannot Wait

By Michele Hanisee The criminal justice system, burdened with being the de facto forum for dealing with the mentally ill population in Los Angeles County, has now becoming the forum of last resort to deal with the homeless population of which the mentally ill are a subset. For three decades the Central City East Association (CCEA) […]

ADDA strongly opposes parole for vicious murderer Leslie Van Houten

By Michele Hanisee On Aug. 10, 1969, Leslie Van Houten held down Rosemary LaBianca so fellow Manson-follower Tex Watson could skewer her with a bayonet. Then, she took a knife and stabbed the helpless woman 14 more times in the back. Nineteen times since she participated in the infamous slaughter, Van Houten applied for parole. Nineteen times, the […]

Supreme Court decision preserves public employees’ voice

By Michele Hanisee The Supreme Court tie vote that preserved “agency shop” rules for public labor unions, kept in place a decades-old rule that allows public unions to require non-members to pay fees to help cover collective bargaining costs. Former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio abandoned efforts to […]