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Proposition 57 Unmasked: A Detailed Analysis of the Misleading Initiative

By Michele Hanisee Proposition 57 is a many headed monster that will wreak havoc on public safety. It allows the early release of inmates serving time in state prison for violent and non-violent offenses through parole grants or accelerated sentence credits. In addition, it changes the juvenile system by disallowing prosecutors to directly charge juveniles who commit murder, […]

Gov. Brown rightly rejects parole for Manson family murderer

By Michele Hanisee The ADDA commends Gov. Jerry Brown for denying parole to brutal murderer Leslie Van Houten. Brown on Friday rejected the state parole board’s recommendation to grant parole to the Manson family member. Van Houten originally was  sentenced to death for holding down Rosemary LaBianca on Aug. 10, 1969 so fellow Manson-follower Tex Watson could skewer […]

Competing death penalty initiatives could spur confusion Prop. 66 will preserve and reform the death penalty system

By Michele Hanisee This November, California voters will be presented with two of the most important ballot initiatives in state history. One – Proposition 66 – would preserve the death penalty for the most heinous criminals by enacting critically needed reforms to the system. The other – Proposition 62 – would scrap the death penalty, […]

Those Who Care About Victims of Sex Crimes Should Oppose Gov. Brown’s Initiative

By Michele Hanisee The Senate Public Safety Committee recently passed AB 2888 in response to the outrage in California and across the country over the probation sentence given to Stanford swimmer Brock Turner for his sexual assault of an unconscious woman. AB 2888 would make prison mandatory for anyone convicted of eight specific sexual assault crimes, with most of […]

Prisoner, Prisons and Jails-A Reality Check Which Includes A Discussion About Victims

By Michele Hanisee Several pieces in the Los Angeles Times regarding prisoners, mental health, and TV shows portraying same caught my eye, and frankly, require a response.  It is clear that a false narrative is developing of state prisons packed with non-violent offenders.  Baloney. It’s important that any discussion be guided by facts, not anecdotes or singular cases. First, […]

California State Senate votes to reward repeat drug dealers

By Michele Hanisee The California State Senate voted to reward repeat drug dealers byrepealing a three-year enhancement imposed for a subsequent conviction for selling drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and PCP. Senate Bill 966 was introduced by State Senator Holly Mitchell, and in its original version would have repealed the enhancement in its entirety.  The original […]