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Fuzzy Math Continues To Drive Public Pension Hysteria

Public employee pension systems are an integral part of recruiting and retaining high-performing public employees. They align the interests of the employer and the employee.  A pension allows attorneys to work for the county District Attorney despite the prospect of a higher income in private practice. Once hired, DDAs have an incentive to stay during […]

Reaping the Bitter Rewards of Proposition 47

A recent New York Times story suggested it’s time to reform the criminal justice system because according to the Times, in recent decades, the prison population has risen, while crime has fallen. The story fails to make a connection between an obvious fact suggested by the statement: there’s a direct correlation between a falling crime […]

Punishment, Not Programs

[Marc Debbaudt] The history of criminal rehabilitation is the history of failure. Efforts to reform outlaws by creating programs that encourage them to change their behavior may seem noble. But they just don’t work. Most of our current rehabilitation programs are enormously expensive wastes of time. Of the diversion, Prop. 36 and drug court models, […]

Protecting Your Identity & Privacy in the Digital Age

[Michele Hanisee] When considering privacy protection the most important piece of information that can be relayed is: DO NOT WAIT until there is a credible threat to take measures to protect yourself and your family! In the digital age, personal online information is seemingly endless. Nevertheless, there are multiple ways to proactively protect yourself and […]

The Safety Of Deputy District Attorneys Is A Growing Concern

Since Deputy District Attorneys (DDAs) interact with violent criminals on a daily basis, there is potentially some element of danger in the job. After all, that is why courtrooms have armed bailiffs. However, recent events have seen the DDAs affected directly by the rise in crime, both in the courthouse and on the way to […]

Creation of unit to review wrongful-conviction claims the right move

The Association of Deputy District Attorneys (ADDA) applauds Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s efforts to ensure the integrity of our convictions. We especially recognize the importance of this new program, because our sacred duties as prosecutors do not end when we convict the guilty. Our goal is to do justice. This requires review of […]

Your Pension is Under Attack

What if, two years from now, the County of Los Angeles decreed that you could keep the pension benefits you had accrued, but the level would be frozen for the rest of your career?  Or that you would have to pay 30 percent of your salary to continue to accrue future service time? For more […]

Prosecutorial Misconduct is not an Epidemic!

[Marc Debbaudt] There is an old, well-known aphorism in the practice of criminal law: When the facts are against you, argue the law. When the law is against you, argue the facts. When both the facts and law are against you, attack the police, the prosecutor and the judge. This works, and works well, when […]

President’s Update re Board Meeting

Los Angeles County Association of Deputy District Attorneys [ADDA]    President’s Update re Board Meeting 11/18/14.   Believe it or not this update is short and positive!   MEETING DATE 12/15/14   The next meeting of the Board will occur on December 15, 2014, a Monday at 6:00 p.m.  Typically our meetings are the third […]