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Monday Morning Memo for December 19, 2016

Prosecution Attorneys paint dueling portraits of obstruction in Baca trial Five years ago, when then-Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca appointed Paul Tanaka as second in command of one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the nation, the Japanese-American lawman became his boss’ confidant and likely successor. In 1998, Tanaka supported Baca’s campaign for […]

Monday Morning Memo for December 12, 2016

Prosecution Man on trial for Hollywood murder of woman from Morro Bay A marijuana dispensary security guard is standing trial for the murder of Carrie Jean Melvin, 30, who grew up in Morro Bay. Melvin was shot and killed in Hollywood by a gunman who walked up behind her, fired one round into her face […]

Monday Morning Memo for December 5, 2016

Prosecution Jury selection to begin in former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca trial Monday Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, whose trial on federal corruption charges is scheduled to begin Monday, will now face two separate juries after a federal judge decided Friday to split the trial into two parts. U.S. District Judge Percy […]

Monday Morning Memo for November 28, 2016

Law Enforcement Cops battle cops in court: Wrongdoing by LAPD top staff? Six members of the Los Angeles Police Internal Affairs Group are suing the city over “whistleblower retaliation,” alleging they were wrongfully reprimanded in a dispute about unlawful activities and nepotism within the department’s upper levels. The lawsuit says the six believe they were […]

Monday Morning Memo for November 21, 2016

Law Enforcement LAPD report on biased policing finds problem is more perception than reality The Los Angeles Police Department has made “significant strides” in diversifying its ranks, training officers to avoid bias policing, rigorously investigating complaints and expanding community outreach programs, according to a new report on biased policing from Chief Charlie Beck. The five-member […]

Monday Morning Memo for November 7, 2016

Ballot Initiatives California’s 17 Propositions explained Along with national and local races, Californians will be asked to vote on 17 state propositions November 8th. Marianne Kast with the Fresno League of Women Voters stopped by Eyewitness News This Morning, to explain some of them. Kast says the League is frequently asked about the propositions that […]

Prop 57 – A “Criminal’s Bill of Rights”

By Eric Siddall Governor Brown’s Proposition 57 is a “Criminal’s Bill of Rights.” It grants convicted felons a constitutional right to get released after completing only a minimal part of their sentence. In some cases this number can go as low as two percent of their original sentence. This new “Criminal’s Bill of Rights” trumps […]

Michele Hanisee: A yes vote on Prop. 66 is a vote for justice

http://www.montereyherald.com/opinion/20160917/michele-hanisee-a-yes-vote-on-prop-66-is-a-vote-for-justice By Michele Hanisee, Guest commentary This is in response to your editorial (Sept. 9, Herald) urging a no vote on Proposition 66. Those in support of abolishing the death penalty point to the possibility of an innocent person being executed. In California this couldn’t be further from the truth. Those who commit a capital […]

Governor Brown, Time to Debate Prop 57

By Michele Hanisee Governor Brown recently visited the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board to sell Prop 57, telling them “I could talk about this all day.” What Governor Brown needs to do is talk about this initiative in a debate setting, where his statements about the scope and application of the initiative can be discussed with an […]

Jerry Brown, Line 1 — It’s Your Flawed Initiative Calling

As the story about a voicemail message left by Governor Jerry Brown scolding Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims for her opposition to Proposition 57 goes viral, what is disturbing is the voicemail reveals the Governor’s lack of understanding of his own initiative.  As both theADDA and ALADS have repeatedly written, and the Governor’s spokesperson has admitted, Proposition 57 will allow […]