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Note the Missing Word……Victims

By Eric Siddall   As crime rates rise and victims continue to be marginalized by some state legislators, the Los Angeles Times again provided a “criminal justice reform” advocate with a platform to expound on how the system is too harsh.  This time it was Fordham law professor John Pfaff, who blamed budgetary incentives and the […]

A Rush to Judgment Poses a Public Safety Threat

By Eric Siddall If you need any further proof that state legislators do not value public safety, consider Senate Bill 10 (SB 10)  and Assembly Bill 41 (AB 41) which will change our current bail system. Make no mistake, there is a problem with our current bail system. There is no question that it is […]

A “Spring Cleaning” of Our State Prisons

By Eric Siddall In January, we sent a Public Records Act (PRA) request to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR ) requesting: All emails, correspondence, or texts between the governor’s office and parole board members, staff, and attorneys regarding the implementation of Proposition 57, including discussion of any rules and regulations proposed from […]

Sensible and Needed Reforms to AB 109 and Prop 57

By Eric Siddall Assemblyman Ian Calderon has proposed a sensible reform to fix some of the problems of AB109 and Proposition 57. This legislation came about when it was clear that the gang member who murdered Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer was given repeated 10 day “flash incarcerations” for each of his five separate parole […]

The Criminal Justice Shell Game

By Eric Siddall   When criminal justice experiments are not supported by structural reform, the result is more senseless murders, like Whittier Police Officer Keith Boyer. It is time for the state to stop its cheap attempts at fixes to the criminal justice system, and implement meaningful reform. AB 109, Prop 47, and Prop 57 […]

Parole board once again wants to free a dangerous criminal

By Eric Siddall The state parole board continues to demonstrate that it cannot be trusted with the public’s safety. We are especially concerned because this non-elected body now has unfettered power to release felons thanks to Prop 57. Last week, parole recommended that Charles Manson follower Bruce Davis be granted freedom. While Davis is not […]

A Bully’s Bill of rights

By Eric Siddall     Bullying, sexual assaults, and gun violence are recognized problems in our schools. Not according to Assemblywoman Shirley Weber who introduced AB 163. This latest piece of legislation, initially proposed by the ACLU in a 2016 report, seeks to protect suspects of these crimes and prohibit police from investigating or arresting […]

Recent Increase in Hate Crimes Won’t Be Stopped by Prop 57

By Eric Siddall   Recent news reports confirm an increase in hate crimes. As highlighted by KFI reporter Eric Leonard, elected officials, including District Attorney Jackie Lacey, recently participated in a press conference to encourage reporting of hate crimes. They also acknowledged that the punishment is now limited by Proposition 57. The number of reported […]

Proposal to free cop killer underscores threat of Prop. 57

By Eric Siddall The state parole board has again demonstrated the folly of Governor Brown’s radical experiment with public safety– Proposition 57. Under this initiative, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) would have the ultimate power to release inmates. The sentencing decisions by judges would be disregarded. The legislature’s assign punishment ignored. The plea […]