LA City Controller Candidate Rob Wilcox Endorses Gascón Recall Wilcox Says, “Gascón’s Got to Go!”

Los Angeles, Friday, May 13, 2022 — Calling LA DA George Gascón “a study in arrogance,” LA City Controller candidate Rob Wilcox today threw his support behind the campaign to recall Gascón. “In less than a year and a half, George Gascón has shunned victims and their families, shown contempt for his dedicated deputies’ hard work and judgment, and bent over backwards to accommodate violent criminals,” said Wilcox. “Gascón is a study in arrogance. While crime ricochets throughout our neighborhoods, he has spurned the advice of the dedicated career prosecutors in his office and instead, he has stubbornly doubled down on his failed and short-sighted policies of leniency for criminals. Gascón’s got to go!”

Wilcox, a former Deputy Los Angeles City Controller, is the only candidate running for City Controller to support the Gascón recall effort.

“The top three things that I believe are wrongheaded moves on Gascón’s part are:

  1. forbidding filing sentencing enhancements for violent crimes and use of guns in crimes
  2. ignoring and abandoning victims of crime, both in new cases and at parole hearings
  3. pursuing multiple policies which blatantly ignore state law and propositions passed by voters.”

“As City Controller, I have pledged to find a myriad of ways to make our city so much safer. However, it is a challenging task because the current DA puts the rights and interests of accused and convicted criminals well ahead of those of the general public and victims of crime. We must remove Gascón because his flawed experiment in criminal justice ‘reform’ is endangering every resident of the City of Los Angeles.”

To find out more about Rob please go to or follow him on social media @Rob4Controller.

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