Nation World News: Downey becomes 31st city to issue ‘no-confidence’ vote in Gascon

Downey city council voted for “no-confidence” in Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon on September 28, becoming the 31st city in Los Angeles County to condemn Gascon’s policies.

The “no-confidence” motion, passed with a 3-1 vote, was brought forward by Mayor Claudia Frommetta, who insisted that the 2020 Special Directive on Criminal Prosecution Reform (SD) led by Gascone caused a massive increase in crime in Downey Over. is of. last year.

“Data presented by the Downey Police Department show that since the implementation of the SD, the overall rate of Downey criminal cases being dismissed for prosecution by the District Attorney’s Office has increased from 19.3% in 2020 to 40.5% in 2021. An increase of 90.7%. Registering a narcotics violation at the rate,” Mayor Frommata wrote in the resolution.

“DA Gascon’s SD is undermining the criminal justice system’s goal of protecting the rights of the general public and victims.”

According to figures released in August by the Downey Police Department, there were 86 drug offenses in 2021 and Gascon dismissed 78 cases.

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