Fox News: LA County sheriff says he has no relationship with DA, his policies ‘are not working

Los Angeles County sheriff Alex Villanueva said he has spoken to District Attorney George Gascón once since he assumed office in December, and said it was a “big problem” that rioters might believe they will face no “prosecutorial consequence.”

“If you make an arrest [during riots] are you worried there won’t be a prosecutorial fist behind it?” Fox 11 LA asked the sheriff.

“That is definitely a legitimate concern because if there is a lack of a prosecutorial fist that might actually embolden some of our Antifa and anarchist crowd, some of the radical elements that try to hijack peaceful protest for their own personal gain,” Villanueva said.

“If they feel they aren’t going to receive any prosecutorial consequence, that is a big problem that is something that the DA himself is going to have to answer to,” he continued.

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