Jewish Journal: A Horrible Crime in Beverly Hills Is Made Worse By LA DA’s Policies

Patrons enjoying an outdoor meal at Il Pastaio restaurant on March 4th in Beverly Hills were terrified, as it would be for any of us. A targeted attack during a quiet lunchtime in a peaceful community had taken place before their eyes.  A man was robbed of his watch and a bystander woman was shot and seriously injured.

The City of Beverly Hills and Beverly Hills Police Department responded as citizens who care about public safety would hope. BHPD has been present, has addressed the community worries and fears, and has made a commitment to “take every possible measure to ensure (their) safety and security.”

This sounds positive, right?  But, that’s not the only story. What’s at stake is far more frightening than the alarming armed robbery and shooting carried out in broad daylight.
Justice won’t feel so just if and when this case gets presented to George Gascón and his Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Why? Because Gascón’s policies command prosecutors to take every possible measure to avoid full prosecution, avoid holding criminals on bail, limit incarceration, minimize punishment, and of course, ignore the victims.

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