The Signal: City Council approves vote of no confidence in district attorney

The Santa Clarita City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve a vote of no confidence in District Attorney George Gascón, citing recent policy changes from the D.A.’s office as having a detrimental impact on public safety.

Although the City Council cited nine special directives and two amendments from the D.A.’s office as being problematic to the council, the council members specifically highlighted three particular directives and two amendments they took issue with: the elimination of cash bail for any misdemeanor, non-serious/non-violent felony offenses; certain misdemeanor charges being declined or dismissed before arraignment; and the elimination of sentencing enhancements, such as those for gang affiliation or firearm-related allegations.

The sentencing enhancement directive was ordered to be repealed by the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Feb. 8, but Gascón has expressed an interest in appealing this decision, according to city of Santa Clarita staff.

The council’s 5-0 vote of no confidence said that these unilateral directives “undermine the legislative and ballot process and risk safety of the general public.”

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