A Poll To Fit A Narrative

By Association of Deputy District Attorneys

Californians for Safety and Justice, an organization whose mission is to “reform” the criminal justice system, released a push-poll of 724 crime survivors from Los Angeles County. Not surprisingly, the results reflected the desired outcome of the organization.

Good science requires the careful collection of data. Survey best practices state that questions asked to participants should not be confusing, leading, or double-barreled.

This poll violated all three cardinal rules. Instead, it used partisan techniques under the guise of conducting an opinion poll. It is sad to see that those interest groups seeking to conduct reckless experiments on our criminal justice system are also manipulating crime victims to further their cause.

Despite the problems with the survey itself, the most disturbing data from it is the number of Angelenos who had to endure violent crime. The survey contacted 2,000 adults and found that 36 percent of them were victims of violent crime. Los Angeles deserves better.

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