The Signal: CHP Newhall engages in three pursuits in three days

For the third time since Tuesday, personnel with the California Highway Patrol Newhall-Area Office engaged in a vehicle pursuit that wound its way through the Santa Clarita Valley.

When asked why there appears to be a recent uptick in pursuits for CHP officers, Greengard cited recent policy changes within the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, such as an order limiting the use of sentencing enhancements, getting rid of the cash bail system, and reducing sentencing requirements for some misdemeanor and nonviolent crimes.

“I think criminals are emboldened now with the new directives the new L.A. County District attorney has put in place,” said Greengard. “The punishment on crime across the board is lightened, times were we would book individuals for a crime, they would stay in jail for a few days or a couple of weeks. Now they are being released the same day as the violation.”

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