California Globe: Crime Victims File Motion to Disqualify DA in Double Murder Case

A motion filed this week in a double murder case seeks to disqualify Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón for among other issues, hiring a former public defender to write his Youth Justice policy when she was still a Deputy Public Defender, representing criminal defendants, allegedly benefitting her criminal clients.

The murder victims are two sisters, Uniek Atkins and Sierra Brown, who were found shot to death in a torched Westchester apartment in 2018. Investigators say, Sierra’s ex-boyfriend Donato Cruikshank set the apartment on fire after killing the sisters. He was 17 years-old, weeks away from his 18th birthday when he was arrested for the double-murder, Fox11 reported.

The victims’ attorney, Kathleen Cady, a former deputy DA turned Marsy’s Law attorney, says DA Gascón ordered this case to stay in juvenile court, which means the most Cruikshank would get, if convicted, would be about seven years in the murder of the two young women, Fox11 reported.

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