Fontana Herald News: What’s it feel like to be scared during a violent crime? Now Washington knows

The events at the Capitol, the suspects’ conduct, law enforcement’s response, and the sentiments of the victims have illuminated for many the normal process of criminal justice in counties across America, including San Bernardino. While the events and personal conduct by many at the Capitol are atrocious and unacceptable, the process that is occurring in Washington, D.C., is not extraordinary.

The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office engages in this process every day on behalf of any citizen in our county who is a victim of a crime. We assist law enforcement in ensuring all investigative leads are followed in order to properly identify the correct suspect. We then review the police reports and evidence to determine whether someone has committed a crime and whether we can prove that crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Once we file charges, we determine the appropriate degree of severity based upon the defendant’s conduct, prior record, and impact the crime has had on the individual victim and on society.

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