DA’s Association Statement On Comment from District Attorney Spokesperson

In a statement to Fox 11, Maxwell Szabo, presenting himself as a spokesperson for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, attacked our member, Deputy District Attorney Jon Hatami, referring to him as “delusional” and questioning his fitness to practice law.

Deputy District Attorney Hatami is a tireless advocate for victims. He is a veteran prosecutor with a wealth of experience in prosecuting child murderers. As a prosecutor, he has tried over seventy cases before a jury. This attack by Mr. Szabo, who was admitted to the bar in May 2019, who is not a prosecutor nor even employed by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, and who represents that he is the spokesperson for Gascón’s “transition team,” is not only unwarranted but entirely without merit.

We demand these public attacks on our members cease.

The Association of Deputy District Attorneys (ADDA) is the collective bargaining agent and represents nearly 1,000 Deputy District Attorneys who work for the County of Los Angeles.

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