Exclusive: Los Angeles Mayor Was Warned About Sexual Harassment Allegations Against DA Candidate

This summer, after Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti began hinting that he might change his endorsement in the contentious LA County district attorney’s race, a former Los Angeles Police Department lieutenant emailed him with a warning: The candidate Garcetti was leaning toward had sexually harassed her years earlier when they worked together in the LAPD, she said.

The former lieutenant said she wanted Garcetti to know what the candidate, former San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón, had done to her before the mayor issued his formal endorsement.

In the email dated Aug. 17 and sent to Garcetti’s personal email address, the former lieutenant wrote: “I am speaking out now because the voters of Los Angeles deserve to know who George Gascon, the person, really is. I had gladly left these unpleasant memories in the past until I read his statement on allegations of sexual harassment in the LADA’s office. His statement brought back the memories of how he personally, repeatedly committed against me, the acts which he claims to condemn.”

To read the rest of the story, click here to read the article by Yashar Ali.

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