790 KABC: Looking into Proposition 57

ADDA Vice President Eric Siddall appears on a 790 KABC News broadcast to discuss Prop 57 and the Keep California Safe Act. From the piece:

“In the meantime, some are looking at new legislation to fix things. That’s where the Keep California Safe Act of 2018 comes in.

“It would pretty much cover all sex offenders. That’s one of the primary purposes of the legislation.”

That’s Eric Siddall, Vice President of the Association of Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys.

“It’s the only means right now that we have to end that loophole. The legislature is not really interested in enclosing the loophole, the governor is actually not really interested in closing the loophole so this proposition is really the only means that the voters are going to have to fix what Governor Brown promised.”

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